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Swarovski Keepsake/Jewelry Box With Blue and Clear Crystals, Felt Lined

Swarovski Keepsake/Jewelry Box With Blue and Clear Crystals, Felt Lined

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BEAUTIFUL, RARE KEEPSAKE BOX! Chances are she doesn't have this beautiful new Swarovski Keepsake Box perfect for those little treasures or special jewelry pieces. This was a Swarovski brand gift for a short time and is a very rare find. Beautiful Clear and varying shades of Blue colored crystals adorn the gorgeous brushed metal box lid. The bottom of the box is a stunning contrast in a highly polished metal with the Swarovski logo printed prominently on the front. The interior of the box is lined in "Swarovski Blue" velvet. Substantial weight to this luxurious little piece! You'll love it!

Swarovski Crystal Unrivaled luminance, fun collectible, a gift of sparkling style. Swarovski crystal was founded in 1895 and is still crafted in Wattens, Austria using the unique formula perfected by Daniel Swarovski and his three sons. The quality and purity of Swarovski stands unmatched. The processing and cutting techniques have long been an unrivaled company secret that many strive to copy but have yet to achieve the spectral brilliance of genuine Swarovski crystal.

  • Square Swarovski Jewelry Box With Crystals in a square pattern
  • Outside Finish: Brushed Chrome with Clear and Blue Crystals
  • Inside: Dark Blue Felt Lined
  • Condition: New In Box
  • Approximately 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches and 2 inches high
  • Please Note That This Item Is A Gift Item That Does Not Come With A Certificate 
  • 79855631
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