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Department 56 56886 North Pole Woods Reindeer Condo

Department 56 56886 North Pole Woods Reindeer Condo

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Reindeer Condo: Beautifully decorated inside and out, wooded setting, spectacular view, uniquely decorated doors- one for each reindeer, unique floor plan, never a need to paint or put on a new roof-these are just a few of the amenities that convinced Santa's flying fleet to relocate to the North Pole Woods. And, with no yard work to be done, there's always plenty of time for resting weary antlers and playing reindeer games.

Nestled in the forest of the North Pole is a treetop community called North Pole Woods. High above the everyday world this woodsy town is home to suppliers and cottage industries all with the goal of providing the raw materials and services to keep the North Pole running smoothly. In this whimsical community, nature provides the support for treetop hideaways among the spreading branches of towering trees. With sweeping views of the North Pole, jolly St. Nick can get away from everything and retreat under the stars or hold secret meetings with the elves!

  • Introduced December 2000
  • Retired December 2001
  • Lighted Buildings
  • Item: 56.56886
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