Belleek Kylemore Baby Bowl and Spoon Set


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Belleek Kylemore Baby Bowl and Spoon Set features a basket weave design complimented with shamrocks with the word "baby" in gold lettering. Spoon features a shamrock on handle. Celebrate the wee lad in your life with Belleek's Kylemore baby bowl and spoon set. Handmade in Ireland, the set features the word "baby" in gold lettering on the bowl. A lifelike shamrock is hand-painted on the spoon's handle. The bowl's wicker-textured, white embossment and entwined, hand-painted shamrocks look great on the table or just on display in the china cabinet. Glazed all over, this bowl and spoon set is handmade and hand-painted on the Emerald Isle. The Kylemore collection is part of Belleek's Shamrock pattern, a design created by talented basket weaver, Michael Maguire, which features a meld of basketry and pottery. Crafted of fine Parian China-a material developed by Belleek in the 1840s for sculpting classical figurines with crystalline translucence-Belleek's Shamrock ware exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and is esteemed among collectors worldwide. Kylemore pieces are part of Belleek's popular Shamrock pattern. Renowned basket weaver, Michael Maguire, brought his weaving talents to Belleek Pottery in the 1880's, and thus, Belleek's Shamrock pattern was born. Because the pattern hasn't changed since, no matter how old the personal collection is; adding new pieces to it today always ensures a perfect blend. Handcrafted out of Irish clay and fired using traditional methods, this popular Belleek pattern features the emblem of Ireland-shamrocks-hand-painted for a lifelike affect. The white luster of Maguire's exquisite basket-textured embossment, adorned with the lush green of shamrocks, creates a refined but distinctly Irish countryside look and feel. Since its beginning in 1857, Belleek has been cherished by porcelain aficionados worldwide, and has been sought by royalty, heads of state and museums alike. Regarded as one of the finest crafts ever to come out of Ireland, no other porcelain compares to Belleek's ivory-hued luster. And, as with this finely crafted item, no two pieces of Belleek craftwork are ever the same. With unrivaled attention to detail, every lid; every flower; and every handle is lovingly crafted and painted by hand for an original look and feel that is uniquely Belleek. Belleek means perfection. Back in 1857, the pottery's founder, John Caldwell Bloomfield, declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw should be destroyed to ensure that only the most perfect creations become treasured keepsakes. This commitment holds fast more than 140 years later. As anyone in the Belleek Collector's International Society can attest to; every single piece of Belleek China is made using highly evolved materials and techniques handed down from generation to generation, and is a gorgeous addition to any home. --Brian Olson
  • Glazed inside and out; wash by hand
  • 2-piece baby spoon and bowl set
  • Spoon and bowl are handmade in Ireland of fine Parian china
  • Woven-texture embossment over entire bowl
  • Hand-painted green shamrocks on both pieces